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Core! H’uh! What is it Good For?

To Keep Simple...Absolutely Everything!

Learn how to build a strong core

Core exercises are used for different reasons throughout fitness and athletics including stabilization, strength, and aesthetics. Studies in recent years have shown that your typical 6-pack abs core exercises, such as crunches, are not the most beneficial when it comes to deep-level strength and stabilization of the core and trunk.

Anti-rotational core improves power production and strength performance. However, isn’t the goal to look good, feel good, play good? 

What Is The Core?

The core is everything in your midsection from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor, also known as the trunk of the body, and is the source of posture.

Anti-Rotational Core

Anti-rotational core is any exercise where an individual performs self activated bracing of the spine through the core with an added resistance that is trying to manipulate bodily position out of posture. Resistance can be implemented through gravity, bands, or weights.

Studies show that core stability involving isometric bracing, such as planks, proves to be superior when it comes to improving athletic performance. This type of training can be accompanied with a rotational movement, as well as many different athletic movements that also involve twisting or turning of the body. This is necessary for injury prevention and improved performance.


Want to improve the look of your core? The best way to to improve aesthetics of your abdomen is to train with the same mindset of your traditional strength training. Work in circuits involving forward and lateral bending, rotation, and resisted extension of the midsection and lower limbs. Think multiple sets and reps and added resistance. Lastly, pair this type of core training with some cardio each week and a healthy, well-rounded diet.

Let's Wrap This Up

Anti-rotational core is most beneficial to an athlete's performance, as core-stability exercises improve posture while also increasing strength and power production. This is also beneficial to everyday living as stabilizing the trunk of the body leads to healthier movements overall.

Rotational movements are also needed to help prevent injury, but can be even more beneficial for aesthetic goals. Pair both anti-rotational and rotational core with some lateral bending and forward bending core exercises will ensure that you'll be looking great and feeling even better!

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