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Use and Importance for Performance and Fitness

Author: Mitch Kramer

Hypertrophy is the mode of training and lifting that is the basis of mass and/or muscular definition that we often hear as "toning." Hypertrophy is the increase and growth of muscle cells, which refers to the increase in muscular size; accomplished through increasing range of motion, load, and eccentric time under tension. Hypertrophy occurs in order of stress, then damage, then repair. It is important for athletes adaptation to training and for fitness clients to improve strength and "toning."

Importance for Athletes:

  • Promotes lean muscle

  • Improves power performance

  • Strengthens ligaments and tendons while improving elasticity

  • Phase of training used to continue adaptation

Importance for Fitness:

  • Increases muscular size

  • The larger the muscle, the more strength and density can be built

  • Catalyst for adaptation in other types of training

  • Offers a different style of training

  • Pairs well with shorter rest periods and the right nutrition to improve muscle definition


Hypertrophy oriented training allows the body to adapt and build upon progressions of body definition and size through stress of eccentric loads. It improves the capacity to train in different modes/phases and is specifically important for athletes' abilities to adapt to new conditions, seasons, and workloads. Overall, hypertrophy can be used to promote lean muscle, improve performance, and have you looking good!


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