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Increase Explosiveness

Workout Routine For Athletes

By: Mitch Kramer

This workout is designed for athletes whose sports require rapid, brief, and powerful repetitions. It emphasizes engaging fast-twitch muscle fibers by performing several sets of intense repetitions with nearly maximal rest intervals. The exercises and rest periods outlined below aim to assist athletes in executing each power-specific movement with an effort similar to that of competition, simulating on-field performance.


Supersets are two or more exercises completed together.

  • Sets are the number of times you will complete each exercise within the superset.

  • Reps are the number of times you will complete an exercise within a set.

  • Sets and reps are represented as a # “x” another #. (ex: 3 x 10)

  • Dynamic stretching means stretching while moving.

Equipment Needed:

  • Barbells

  • Dumbbells

  • Plyometric Box

  • Medicine Ball


  • Single-Leg Toe Touches: 10 each

  • Leg Swings: 10 each

  • Walking Lunges: 10 each

  • Quad Pull: 10 each

  • Side Lunges or Cossack Squats: 10 each

  • Walking Calf Raises: 15 yards

  • Pogo Hops: 15 seconds

  • Skips for Height and Distance: 15 yards each

  • Plank: 45 seconds


1A. Barbell Hang or Power Clean 4 x 4

Rest: 30-45 seconds between exercises

1B. Quick Med Ball Slams 4 x 15 seconds

Rest: 2 ½ minutes between sets

2A. Med Ball Squat to Vertical Toss 3 x 6

Rest: 30-45 seconds between exercises

2B. Broad Jumps 3 x 2

Rest: 2 ½ minutes between sets

3A. Single-Leg Box Jumps 3 x 3 each leg

(make sure the box is short enough to accomplish and increase height only if needed/ completed easily)

Rest: 30-45 seconds between exercises

3B. Dumbbell Sprinter Step Ups 

(The box height should be slightly lower than 90-degree flexion at the knee at the start)

Rest: 2 ½ minutes between sets


(Stretch and hold for 12-15 seconds each and complete two times each)

  • Grass Pickers

  • 90/90 hip stretch

  • Wall Soleus stretch

  • Quad Pull

  • Frog Stretch

  • Crossover toe touches (left-over-right)

  • Cobra Stretch

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