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Unlock Your Speed Potential

Exercises and Sprints to Accelerate Faster

By: Davyn Braker

Speed is a coveted athletic attribute, whether you're a sprinter aiming for the finish line or an athlete looking to outmaneuver opponents.


The ability to rapidly increase speed from a standstill or during motion, is a key component of speed performance. Fortunately, with targeted exercises and sprint training, you can unlock your speed potential and take your performance to the next level.

Power and Strength

To accelerate faster, it's essential to develop lower body power and strength. Plyometric exercises are highly effective for enhancing explosive power, crucial for generating rapid force during acceleration.

"The athlete that gets the offers, is typically the most explosive athlete on the field; they are not always the strongest in the weight room. Younger athletes should focus more on becoming more explosive and less on how they look in the weight room."
- Brandon Hogan (founder and CEO of BRF)

Exercises To Incorporate Into Your Routine

  • Squat Jump Variations: Begin in a squat position and explode upwards, reaching for the sky before landing softly and immediately sinking back into the squat position.

  • Bounding: Perform exaggerated running strides, focusing on propelling yourself forward with each leap.

  • Box Jump Variations: Jump onto a sturdy box or platform, focusing on explosiveness and height.

In addition to plyometrics, strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges are instrumental in building lower body strength, which directly correlates with acceleration potential.

Sprint Variations for Acceleration

Sprint training is essential for improving acceleration, and incorporating various sprint drills into your training regimen can yield significant results.

  • Acceleration Sprints: Focus on explosively driving out of the starting position and reaching maximum speed within a short distance (10-20 meters). Repeat for multiple sets with adequate rest intervals.

  • Incline Sprints: Find a hill or set up a treadmill at an incline to challenge your acceleration against resistance. Uphill sprints force your muscles to work harder, translating to improved acceleration on flat surfaces.

  • Resisted Sprints: Utilize resistance bands or sleds to add resistance to your sprints. This resistance strengthens the muscles involved in acceleration and reinforces proper sprint mechanics.

Technique and Form

While power and strength are essential, proper technique and form are equally crucial for maximizing acceleration. Focus on the following:

  • Drive your knees forward and upward explosively.

  • Maintain a slight forward lean from the ankles, keeping your torso aligned with your hips.

  • Pump your arms vigorously, driving them in a coordinated motion with your legs.

  • Stay relaxed and avoid unnecessary tension in your upper body.


Unlocking your speed potential and accelerating faster requires a holistic approach that combines targeted exercises, sprint variations, and a focus on technique. By incorporating plyometrics, strength training, and diverse sprint drills into your training routine, you can enhance your explosive power, strength, and sprinting mechanics, ultimately reaching new levels of speed and performance.

Are you ready to accelerate to new heights? Lace up your shoes, hit the track, and unleash your speed potential!


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