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Training with Barbell

Private Athlete Training

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Maximize Your Potential

Bar Raising Fitness provides athletes the most advanced sports training in the area. We take pride in training athletes the right way and implement what's needed to take their performance to the next level. Train with us at one of our facilities located in Cascade, Dubuque, and Dyersville, Iowa.

1-on-1 • Small Groups • Teams

Train With Us

Professional | Collegiate | High School | Youth

Athletes will first meet with one of our trainers to discuss goals and perform an athletic assessment. The trainer then builds an individualized workout program based off the athlete's goals, sport, current abilities, and schedule. 

Trainers will work hands on with the athlete, pushing them through their program and making sure proper form and techniques are being used. They will continuously track progress and make adjustments to the program to ensure the athlete is always progressing. 

Our training programs don't just enhance performance, they also increase confidence and build character. We want our athletes to perform and act like true champions on and off the field.



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