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Training with Barbell

Dyersville Fitness Groups

Why Choose Us


  • Lead by certified trainers

  • High focus on form and technique

  • Different training program every 8-weeks 

  • We're more than a gym; we're a community

  • Support, accountability, and high energy

Additional Benefits


  • Nutritional guide included (Strength programs only)

  • At-home workouts included (Strength programs only)

  • $20-$30 reward for perfect attendance

  • Refund for missed classes (restrictions apply)

  • Try out a class - $10 drop in fee (must contact us)

Strength Program (dyersville)




Early Risers • Noon Crew

Our Early Risers and Noon Crew focus on increasing strength and boosting performance. Workouts are a combination of weight lifting, bootcamps, endurance training, and mobility to help you achieve maximum results. Every 8-weeks we focus on a different style of training to ensure your always progressing and overcoming adversities. We use weights, battle ropes, sleds, med balls, resistance bands, and more! All levels of fitness are welcomed.

  • At Home Workouts and Nutritional Guide Included

  • Full Body Workouts

  • High Focus on Form and Techniques

  • Coaching From Certified Trainers

  • Build Muscle and Burn Body Fat


Early HIITers

If you want to improve endurance, burn calories fast, and test yourself each workout; then our HIIT Program is for you! This energizing class consists of HIGH INTENSITY workouts that will challenge you physically and mentally each session. Each session is a different workout so you will never know what is coming!

  • High Energy Workout Experience

  • Increase Functional Strength

  • Maximize Fat Burn

  • Improve Endurance and Coordination

  • Variety of Different Workouts

HIIT Dyersville
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