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Start Changing Your Lifestyle Today!

Our 8-Week Workout Challenge is a workout and nutrition program that is focused on improving your body, mind, and lifestyle. It will help build good habits and get you sustainable results. The program consist of workouts 4 days per week that can be done at home or in the gym and a plan to transform your diet. 

Program includes:

Demonstration Videos

Demonstrations for every exercise in the program.

Workout Blueprints

8-week workout plan that includes daily workouts, warm ups, & a workout log to track progress.

Nutrition Challenge

Education on proper nutrition & eating habits. Weekly nutrition "DO" & "DON'T" challenges to improve your diet.

Facebook Group

Lifetime access to our private group on Facebook which includes: motivation, tips, Q&A, & recipes.


$124.99    $99.99

Lifting Weights


The 8-week workout plan consists of 4 weekly cardio and strength workouts that can be done at home or in the gym. Days are broken up:


Day 1 - Cardio and Lower Body

Day 2 - Bootcamp and Upper Body

Day 3 - Cardio and Lower Body

Day 4 - Upper Body

Requires at least one of the following: barbell or dumbbells.


The program will provide you with a weekly “Do” and “Don’t” list to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle both inside and outside of the gym. The list will gradually expand and advance as you progress from one week to the next. Along with the challenge you will receive basic education and tools you need to start building a well-rounded diet.

Healthy Food
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Our private Facebook group offers:

  • Accountability and motivation from trainers and other like-minded people

  • Workout and nutritional tips

  • Recipe and workout ideas

  • Group-only challenges and giveaways for prizes


*Must have an active Facebook account to join. You must request access once you have paid and we will manually added you which can take 24-48 hours. If your Facebook name is different from the name you purchased under, please send both names to to gain access. Our Facebook is @BarRaisingFitness

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